11th November

Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht, Holland.

Olan Mill


13th November

Facebar, Reading.

Nadja, Olan mill, Aidan Baker.

Facebar Reading

16th July

St John, Bethnal Green, London.

Lucy Claire, Olan Mill, Marco Caricola, JP Hartnett, Matt Stewart-Evans.

1631 Recordings


18th July

Theatre Gwaun – Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Somatic Responses, Rootsix, Andy Wheddon, Pausal, Quiet Noise.

Touched Live


29th June

London – Birthdays

Vincent Vocoder Voice, Olan Mill, Cassels.

1st June

Bradford – Fuse Art Space

Olan Mill, Hybernation, Rough Fields.

14th May

Reading – South Street Arts Centre

Hauschka, Olan Mill, Gerard Cousins.

19th April

Winchester – The Railway Inn

Howlround, Kemper Norton, Olan Mill, Stephen C. Stamper, Clive Henry.



14th December

London – Cafe Oto

ISAN, Olan Mill, Le Moors, James Murray.

17th April

Winchester – The Railway Inn

John Chantler, Seth Cook, Dominic Lash, Pausal.

22nd March

London – The Vortex

Tobias Hellkvist, Black Elk, Moon Ate The Dark, Pausal.


13th December

Barcelona – The Espai Cultural Caja Madrid.

Olan Mill

Sunday 13th May

Bristol – The Cube Cinema

Esmerine, Eric Chenaux, Olan Mill.

Thursday 3rd May

Reading – South Street Arts Centre

James Blackshaw, Olan Mill, Joe Marshall.

Saturday 28th April

Cambridge – Unitarian Church

BJ Nilsen, Pausal, John Chantler, Ypsmael.

Sunday 15th April

Bristol – Crypt Of St John

Rustle Of The Stars, Daniel Thomas Freeman, Olan Mill, Christoph Berg, Antonymes.

Wednesday 28th March

Reading – South Street Art Centre

Grouper, Diamond Catalog and Pausal.


16th November 2010

Reading – South Street Arts Centre

Hauschka, Olan Mill.

22nd October 2010

Bristol – The Cube Microplex

Peter Broderick, Tsukimono, Olan Mill.

20th May 2010

Bristol – The Cube Microplex

Chihei Hatakeyama, Pausal, Herve.


5th November 2009

London – The slaughtered Lamb

Mountains, Pausal.

9th October 2009

Bristol – The Cube Microplex

Jodi Cave, Pausal.


10th August 2008

Manchester – Islington Mill

Acid Mothers Temple, Gnod, Gentle Friendly, Pausal, Thought Forms etc

11th July 2008

Bracknell – South Hill Park Arts Centre

Etherklang, Greg Haines, Pausal, Danny Saul, Thudwhale, Andrew Binnie, Robin Um Soy.

13th June 2008

Berlin, Germany – Sonic Cathedral.

Koen Holtkamp, Shintaro Miyazaki, Pausal.

11th June 2008

Brussells, Belgium – Schip

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal.

10th June 2008

Paris, France – Les Voutes

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal.

8th June 2008

Bracknell – South Hill Park Arts Centre

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal, Robin Um Soy.

7th June 2008

Bristol – Venn Festival

Fuck Buttons, Philip Jeck, Moritz Von Oswald, Pausal, Matmos, Why? Murcof etc

6th June 2008

Leeds – The Packhorse

Koen Holtkamp, Random Number, Pausal.

5th June 2008

Manchester – The Islington Mill

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal.

4th June 2008

Brighton – The Hope

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal, Laish Quartet and Twenty-One Crows.

3rd June 2008

London – The Flea Pit

Koen Holtkamp, Pausal, Signals.

10th March 2008

Manchester – The Tiger Lounge

Greg Haines, Jasper TX, Pausal, Danny Saul.

9th March 2008

Bracknell – South Hill Park Arts Centre

Pausal, Rosenbridge.


27th November 2007

Leeds – The Holly Trinity Church

Stars Of The Lid, Glissando, Pausal.

9th November 2007

London – Whitechapel Art Gallery

Grouper, Chiara Goivando & Daniel Higgs, Gareth Hardwick, Pausal.

14th May 2007

London – The Flea Pit

Aidan baker, Rameses III, Pausal, Signals.

10th April 2007

Farnborough – College of Technology

Pausal, Alpine.


12th Novemeber 2006

Local – Garage Party

Mandelbrot Set, Pausal.

11th Septemeber 2006

Local – House Party (Warm Womb)


21st June 2006

Well – Quarry (Disused)


10th April 2006

Farnborough – College of Technology

Pausal, Alpine.


22-28 May 2005

London – Trumans Brewery